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Atlantis Plus Water Dispenser

Atlantis Plus Water Dispenser

Double row condensor in cooling cabinet model - for better cooling

Models Available:
  • Hot & Cold with Cooling Cabinet
  • Hot & Cold with Storage Cabinet
  • TableTop Hot & Cold
  • Double row condensor in cooling cabinet model - for better cooling.
  • Hot & Cold water dispenser.
  • New compact and sleek design.
  • Stylish taps for easy water dispensing.
  • Convenient conical puncturing device for spill proof bottle application.
  • Durable ABS moulded front.

Product Name -> PLUS
Description Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
Cooling Method Compressor Cooling Compressor Cooling Compressor Cooling
Cooling Capacity 2 L/h 5-10 C 2 L/h 5-10 C 2 L/h 5-10 C
Heating Capacity 5 L/h 85-95 C 5 L/h 85-95 C 5 L/h 85-95 C
SS Cold Storage Tank Capacity 3 Litres 3 Litres 3 Litres
Cabinet Type With Cooling Cabinet With Storage Cabinet -
Storage Space Capacity 14 Litres 14 Litres -
Voltage 220V +/- 8% 220V +/- 8% 220V +/- 8%
Power 95-100 Watts 80-85 Watts 80-85 Watts
Refrigerant R 134a (CFC Free) R 134a (CFC Free) R 134a (CFC Free)
Condenser Static - Double Row Condensor Static Static
External Cabinet ABS Moulded Plastic with metal sides ABS Moulded Plastic with metal sides ABS Moulded Plastic with metal sides
Net Weight(approx) 17.5kg 15kg 13kg
Gross Weight(approx) 19kg 16.5kg 14kg
Product Dimensions (LxWxH) 310x330x975mm 310x330x975mm 310x355x525mm
Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) 365x370x1000mm 365x370x1000mm 365x370x570mm

Atlantis Mega Water Dispenser

Atlantis Mega Water Dispenser

Large 3 Litre cooling tank Durable ABS Body Stainless Steel Hot & Cold Tanks Fast Cooling CFC Free Refrigerant

Models Available:
  • Hot & Cold
  • Hot & cold water at your finger-tips
  • High efficiency compressor cooling
  • Executive design

Atlantis Classic Water Dispenser

Atlantis Classic Water Dispenser

The workhorse. This classic model is built to suit Indian conditions, be cost effective and provide organizations with years of trouble free service.

  • ABS Body
  • CFC Free
  • Made in India
Models Available:
  • Hot & Cold
  • Normal & Cold

Dimensions L X W X H : 330 x 330 x 980
Weight : 20 kg

  • Dual use of hot/ cold water
  • Sanitized stainless steel water tanks
  • Automatic temp. control of cold water at a range of 4°C to 12°C
  • Safety devices for overheating protection
  • Larger Capacity storage tank (6 ltr.)
  • Cook & Cold Option Available
  • Full ABS injection molded body to ensure lifelong rust free operation in humid Indian conditions.
  • SS 304 Stainless Steel hot and cold tank
  • Three tap option.
  • Cooling capacity of 4 liters/hr as compared to
    the conventional 2.5 lph.
  • Using world-renowned, Tecumseh compressors.

Atlantis Basic Water Dispenser

Atlantis Basic Water Dispenser

A simple no-frills, entry level dispenser to cater to all basic drinking water needs. Makes no demands on space, this model sits pretty on any table. Light enough to be almost portable.
The normal & normal variant requires no electricity - perfect for outdoor locations like construction sites, guardhouses,etc

Models Available:
  • Hot & Normal

Hot and normal
Heating Capacity
5L/h 85-95 oC
Packing Dimension
  • Compact and contemporary style
  • Environmental friendly design
  • Double safety device to prevent overheating

Atlantis Frosty Water Dispenser

Atlantis Frosty Water Dispenser
  • Cools 5 water per hour
  • Durable ABS body
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Fast Cooling
  • Perfect for Homes, Institutions & Offices
  • CFC Free Refrigereant
Models Available:
  • Hot & Cold
  • Normal & Cold
  • Hot & Cold with Cabinet
  • TableTop Hot & Cold
  • TableTop Normal & Cold
Features :
  • SS 304 Stanless Steel Hot and Cold tank with SS connectors
  • Perfect for Institutions, Offices and Corporates
  • High Capacity Compressor
  • Hardy and Durable

Atlantis Frosty is available in 2 variants.

Atlantis Frosty is Available in 2 Variants
Frosty Hot & Cold
Frosty Hot & Cold
Frosty Normal & Cold

Technical Specifications (Hot & Cold)
No. of Faucets : 2
Models : Yes
Floor Standing : No
Floor Standing + Storage Cabinet : No
Floor Standing + Cooling Cabinet : No
Floor Sanding for Purifier : No
Table Top : Yes
Normal & Cold Option : 3.5 Liters
Cold Storage Capacity : 220V/1P/50Hz
Power Source : 120 Watts
Power Cold (Max.) : 500 Watts
Power Hot : 7~130 C
Cold Temperature Range : R 134 a (CFC Free)
Refrigerant : <_ 13 0C, 5 Liters/hr
Cooling Capacity : <_ 900C, 5 Liters/hr
Heating Capacity : -
Condenser : Static